Heavily used company addresses

A heavily used company address in our definition is an address which a large number of companies give as their registered office address, but with no actual company presence there. For non-standard actions identification purposes we consider an address heavily used if:

  1. it is given as a registered office address by more than 20 companies (joint stock and limited liability companies)
  2. more than 50% of these failed to disclose any financial statements in the Commercial Register in the last two years

There were 969 such addresses in November 2013, hosting some 62 000 companies. This number makes up approximately 16% of all companies in the Czech Republic.

A company with a heavily used registered office address is not inherently guilty of any misconduct, but there is a significantly greater chance of it not actually residing there. This means employees or representatives can not be effectively contacted there, which leads to more frequent problems e.g. in terms of accountability enforcement.

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