Contracting authority classification

We split contracting authorities into several groups based on the categories devised by the Czech Statistical Office: primary measure being the legal form (in Czech) and institutional sector as the secondary.

Name Example Legal form Institutional sector
MunicipalitiesPilsen, Dobruška, Desná Valley Municipalities AssociationMunicipality, Union of municipalities, Prague adm. district *
RegionsKarlovy Vary regionRegion *
Health insurance companiesGeneral Health Insurance CompanyHealth insurance company *
Semi-budgetary organizationsCzechinvest, National Museum, National Library, Road and Motorway Directorate, National parksSemi-budgetary organization* (w/o Public non-financial corporations)
National authoritiesMinistries, Funds, Police, Fire Rescue, Labour Office* (w/o University, Public research institution, Semi-budgetary institution)Central government, Central bank
Universities, scientific institutesCharles University, Czech Academy of ScienceUniversity, Public research institutionCentral government
Public enterprisesHospitals, ČEZ, České dráhy, Czech television, public transit companies * Public non-financial corporations
Private enterprisesRWE, Veolia, Sokolovská uhelná * National private non-financial corporations, Foreign controlled non-financial corporations
Natural personsMarie Hegerová (11098279)Natural person, Unincorporated self-employed farmer, Agricultural enterpreneur *
Other ? unspecified unspecified
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