Contract volumes

Contract volume is determined as the winning price (VAT excluded) in most cases. The price is however often not stated directly in the Journal, or is stated multiple times with different values, or the value is obviously nonsensical (a thousandth of the expected price, hourly rate etc.). Estimation of such values thus sometimes proves difficult. Following methodology principles aim at achieving the maximum objectivity possible, but have to be adjusted in some cases due to poor data availability.

  1. If the contract values declared in Sections II and V of the contract award notice differ, the Section V value is favoured, the advantage being that in case of multiple contract winners it distinguishes the values tendered by each winner. Nonetheless, should the price differ significantly (more than 90 %) from others (such as the expected price), it is considered invalid and further corrected - this typically involves typos or unit prices. Such unclear price declaration is a serious flaw in the transparency of the procurement process and is punished with the Journal data quality indicator and indirectly also with the Public procurement share on total purchases indicator. Such sanctions are also necessary to balance the fact that very low value contracts can not be practically affected by other zIndex components.
  2. For the purposes of foreign currency conversion the average rate of the Czech National Bank for the last quarter of the year the contract was awarded is used. For example the value of a contract awarded in August 2018 is converted using the exchange rate of 1 EUR = 25,862 CZK.
  3. Monthly or annual values declared in the contract award notices are ignored. Sample survey showed that 95% of the contracting authorities fail to use this form field in compliance with the methodology of the Ministry of Regional Development. Multiplying the contract value by the number of months would be misleading in such cases (contracts with prices 48 times higher etc.), therefore a conservative approach is used. In case of the remaining 5 % of contracting authorities the contract volume is thus underestimated, but the overall rating should not be affected. We in general recommend the authorities to avoid using this field and declare the actual total contract volume instead.
  4. If a price stated in the Journal is labeled as VAT included, the price is adjusted based on the VAT rate declared. If unavailable, the higher VAT rate (at the time of the award) is deducted.

Framework agreements

Framework agreements are contracts specific in having multiple winners and as such the exact shares of the contract value for the respective winners are not clear. The total amount is thus evenly divided among all winners.

Corrigenda notices

If a contracting authority issued a corrigenda notice, we use the data in it as primary. If however a price is not stated in the new notice, the original value is used.

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