Data corrections

Error rate of data entered into the Journal by the contracting authorities is generally quite high. This may be partly due to certain deficiencies of the Journal information system, but by far is more commonly caused by the contracting authorities themselves when submitting the data. Usual errors include a minor mistakes (wrong address, invalid email) but also more serious transgressions (non-disclosure of the winning bidder or his price etc.).

Serious misconduct is penalized with the Journal data quality indicator. If in doubt the presumption of innocence is respected, the evaluation thus being always reduced rather less than more. In case of bigger contracts however, suspicious in this way and unpunishable across-the-board by any indicator, we try pitching the case to the media to stimulate further investigation.

After the penalty is applied we nevertheless try to correct the erroneous information in order to obtain the most accurate data. However much laborious such corrections are, it is probably the only way to obtain reliable statistics on the actual state of public procurement in the Czech Republic. We combine various statistical methods to search for possible errors with the subsequent manual check-up of those cases.

Registration number corrections

Contracts suspected of involving any kind of wrong (or missing) registration number are checked manually and the most probable correct winning bidder or contracting authority is determined. These errors are abundant throughout the Journal and the database correctly pairing the contracts with the appropriate respective subjects is a major advantage of the zIndex project. Such database is crucial for the proper contracting authorities evaluation.

There are no corrections made for Slovak or other foreign subjects, as these naturally do not have a Czech registration number.

Limit corrections

Contracts with no limit declared (i.e. unclear whether being above, below-the-threshold or small-scale) are identified as small-scale based on the winning price (below 2 000 000 CZK), or by a combination of CPV (44 or 45 prefix) and the winning price (below 6 000 000 CZK).

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