CPV classification

Every contract is classified with a CPV code, identifying the category of prevailing goods or services purchased.

Based on the first 2-3 CPV digits we designed our own categories, which allow for imperfect, yet more comprehensible information presentation.

Category CPV prefix
Medical equipment33
Natural resources03,14,15,24,41
Forestry and agriculture77
Office material22,301,39
Clothing, footwear and other equipment18,19,35,37
Medical, social and educational services80,85,92,98
Legal, consulting and other comercial services55,66,70,73,79
Technical services50,51,76,90
Other services75, no CPV specified

As there were significant changes made to CPV classification in 2008, it was necessary to convert older contracts data into the new CPV codes.

According to the Ministry of Regional Development's decree (in Czech), the date of September 15th 2008 is considered crucial in switching from 2003 to 2008 codes. CPVs of contracts awarded before this date are converted according to this conversion table, available for download also here.

Due to the fact that some 2003 CPV codes map to more than one 2008 code, the conversion process was done as follows:

  1. If a 2003 code has its unique 2008 counterpart, it is used.
  2. If all 2008 codes that a single 2003 code maps to share a common prefix at least 2 characters long and a code with this prefix, complemented by the appropriate number of 0s, exists in the 2008 codetable, this code is used.
  3. If there is a 2003 code sharing the same prefix (at least 2 characters long) with a unique 2008 code, the 2008 code is used.
  4. Other 2003 codes are regarded as having no corresponding counterpart in the 2008 codetable and as such discarded.
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