About the project

zIndex benchmarks public contracting authorities in terms of best practice implementation. Using quantitative criteria it evaluates public procurement compliance with anti-corruption measures and as such serves as an indicator of possible corruption. The project is developed and administered by the Econlab, the results being published at zIndex.cz.

The original concept was envisioned in a 2011 paper "Measuring Transparency in Public Spending". A pilot comparison of the Czech government ministries was published the same year. After securing sufficient funding for further development of methodology and data collection software, new zIndex.cz web was launched on October 15th 2014 as well as a new procurement evaluation of 190 Czech municipalities.

zIndex is NGO project supported through Otakar Motejl Fund by American Chamber of Commerce, Skanska and Ysoft. Data on firms were provided by Czech Credit Bureau. Financial support for further development is warmly welcome. We however kindly refuse donors who would tend to interfere with our methodology or results.

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